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Borrowed Earth

A theme album of 13 songs, inspired and influenced by a Greek musical palette, using the journey of the immigrant as a metaphor for the journey each of us makes in life as we assimilate our past and forge our own identity.

Special Notes
Honored by the Delaware Division of the Arts, this production includes an Ellis Island commission and an award winning song in The John Lennon Songwriting Festival.

"Melodic Voice from Afar" - Video Production George Dambasis, ERT
A video/documentary, filmed in Greece, featuring Sevy performing five songs from the Borrowed Earth album. Video aired internationally on television.

Video Excerpts - Melodic Voice from Afar


Olympic Flame

Anthem, "Trumpet of Glory" and piano composition, "Tribute to the Olympic Spirit" celebrate the Olympic Flame's strength as a symbol throughout history to inspire us to strive for peace.

Special Notes
Commissioned for the "Sydney 2000"Olympic Torch Ceremonies.
Performed in "Sydney 2000" and "Athens 2004 "Olympic Events.



Documentary: Odyssey - The Boundless Journey

"Trumpet of Glory" and "Tribute to Olympic Spirit" are featured in the soundtrack of this documentary film.    Producer Panagiotis Karambinis     Director Yiannis Karapiperidis

I was proud to be a part of everything this documentary represents - the extraordinary journey of the Olympic ideals through time, around the world, from generation to generation of people from different cultures; the universal symbolism of dignity in the olive wreath, which represents the goal of being our best and doing our best for the simple reason that honor, good character and achievement are the ultimate reward.

Excerpt 1

I was happy that the producers of the film, who wanted to represent aspects of history on both sides of the Atlantic, embraced my suggestion that our history should include the Native American culture. I am grateful to everyone who helped make that happen.

Excerpt 2
Panagiotis Zevlas - Superintendent of Prefecture of Elia.

Sevy with producer Karambinis on left, and director Karapiperidis on right (in center)

An album that came out of Sevy's Song Workshop - an interactive program designed to integrate classroom curriculum with the art of songwriting in a way that significantly enhances the students' language and cognitive skills and reinforces concepts of the school curriculum.


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Special Notes
Project Lectures and Performances: Barnes & Noble, Astra Zeneca, and The Ronald McDonald House.

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