Olympic Flame - Video - Trumpet of Glory

Olympic Torch Ceremony #OnHoldHoldingOn #PassOnForPeace

Olympic Flame - Trumpet of Glory

Written & Arranged by Sevy Phalangas copyright © 2000 Sevy Phalangas

A humble prayer for everyone around the world, from a song I had the great honor and privilege of writing for the Olympic Torch Ceremonies of the 2000 Olympic Games. It was later performed at the Athens2004 Marathon and Paralympics events. As we endure the crushing blow of the pandemic that is breaking our hearts and toppling all of our traditional events, it is a timely moment to share this song. That our imperfect and mortal hands have managed to carry the Olympic Flame through its intrepid journey from ancient times, is a testament to its strength as a beacon of hope, and a testament to our resolve to keep working for peace, work with each other, and live up to the Olympic ideals.

Poetic Translation
Verse 1
Hands of iron, hands worn and beaten,
Hands that reached for the sword, and hands that reached to pray
They brought you blazing through changing ages,
Pure and golden your ore of yesterday.

Refrain 2
Raise on high, sweet flame,
Sweet Trumpet of Glory,
Call the Gods in urgent song.
We hold on for peace,
Through our troubled story,
Though the road is hard,
And the race is long.

Photos of the Olympic Torch Ceremonies in Andros, Greece
Photographer: Makis Spyridonopoulos

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