Special Commissions and Honors

Olympic Glory

       "Trumpet of Glory" - anthem
    Commissioned for, and performed live at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch Relay Ceremonies, in Andros, Greece.

       "Tribute to the Olympic Spirit" - piano arrangement of the "Trumpet of Glory" Commissioned for and performed live at the Olympic Torch Honors Ceremony in Andros, Greece.

     Athens2004 - Performances of "Trumpet of Glory" opened the marathon events in Marathon, Greece, at the Olympic and Paralympic races.

     Trumpet of Glory" and "Tribute to the Olympic Spirit" - featured in documentary film, created by the Greek artists, producer, Panagiotis Karambinis, and director, Yiannis Karapiperidis. The film documents the journey of the Olympic Torch and its ideals from ancient Olympia to the Odyssey Charter School, in Wilmington, Delaware, and the fraternization of the schools in ancient Olympia with the Odyssey Charter School.

Ellis Island

      Elpida"- ballad
    Commissioned for and performed live at the Rededication Ceremony of Ellis Island, when it opened as a museum. Sevy also performed the US, Greek, and Canadian national anthems for the ceremony.


     Delaware Division of the Arts Established Artist Fellowship.

     John Lennon Songwriting Contest - "Ela" places top 10 in World Music category. 2020 copyright ©1998 - 2020

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