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My life's experience as a performing artist and a mentor has led me to understand how the performing arts can be such a powerful tool in shaping us and empowering us. Its practice demands focus, a search for clarity, courage to engage with full commitment, and sincerity of purpose. Training with the roadmap of these principles definitely affects our character and integrity. By guiding students through these principles during the course of teaching music, I gain the privilege of witnessing the unfolding of their spirit, imagination, and confidence.

Moreover, my work with children on the autism spectrum and other special needs has intensified my interest in the scope of music's cognitive, physical and psychological effects on our development and well-being. Having such a "loaded tool" in music has also given me the blessing of witnessing its transformative power among people with special needs. The ever-growing neurological research on music and the brain is significant, and offers exhilarating validation for the impact we can make through music.

Arts in Education

"The many programs I have created and implemented celebrate:
  • Exploring and discovering concepts as a path toward learning
  • Designing creative projects and productions as a path toward reinforcing concepts and unlocking potential
  • Involving the entire school and community as a path toward expanding impact and encouraging awareness
  • Integrating school curriculum as a path toward improving relevance and understanding of what is being covered in the classroom
  • Inspiring connection-building by encouraging students to make personal connections to the subjects covered and to find connections beyond the curriculum."


I have 22 years of extensive experience in designing, directing, organizing and implementing Arts in Education programs for ages pre-K to high school. The programs range from curriculum-based single-classroom projects, to multi-grade projects, to major school and community-wide productions, many of which also functioned as fundraisers. My distinctive approach as an educational consultant is in successfully

  • customizing my programs to a school's curriculum goals, production goals, grade levels and students' needs,
  • expanding the vision of the educational products and/or production
  • increasing the educational impact by using motivational interactive methods, and integrating creative and performing arts projects I design specifically for each program.
Particularly unique programs and workshops include the Greek Culture Connection Programs, Song Workshop Programs, History in Music Workshops and Seminars, Autism Community Production, Community "Song-Quilt" Production.

Private Instruction
Piano - Music Composition - Music Theory
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Arts in Education Programs
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