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Athens2004 Marathon Events - Marathon Greece

“Your extraordinary music complemented, in the best way, the events for
     The arrival of the Olympic Flame on August 10
     The Women’s Marathon on August 22
     The Paralympics on September 13
Your music totally enveloped the emotional moments which our community experienced during the arrival of the flame of life.”

"Η υπεροχη μουσικη σας συνοδευσε με τον καλυτερο τροπο τις εκδηλωσεις για την αφιξη της φλογας στις 10 Αυγουστου, το Μαραθωνιο Γυναικων στις 22 Αυγουστου αλλα κυριως τις εκδηλωσεις για την παραολυμπιακη φλογα στισ 13 Σεπτεμβριου οπου αγκαλιασε πραγματικα τις συγκινητικες στιγμες που εζησε ο Δημος μασ κατα την αφιξη της φλογας της ζωης."

Evangelos Mexis
Mayor of Marathon, Greece

"Your inspired work evokes awe, admiration and emotion."

"Το εμπνευσμενο σας εργο προκαλει θαυμασμο και συγκινση."

Office of the President
Athens 2004 Olympics

"The torch of freedom has always been protected by the Greeks.
The Olympic Torch is being protected by a girl from the Diaspora."

"Την φλογα της ελευθεριας την προστατευαν παντα οι Ελληνες.
  Την Ολυμπιακη Φλογα την προστατευει ενα κοριτσι της Διασπορας."

Chris Spirou
President, Hellenic American Union

Sydney 2000 Torch Festival, Greece.


Olympic Torch Relay

The President of the Greek Olympic Committee, Mr. Lambis Nikolaou, bestowed Sevy with the honor to compose and perform a work for the "Sydney 2000" Olympic Torch Ceremony in Andros, Greece.

At noon, on May 20, 2000, the Olympic Torch arrived by boat on Andros island. It was passed by local athletes who ran it up to Andros' famous "Square of the Monument to the Unknown Sailor". There, over 1000 people awaited its arrival. The festivities were held at the square with Sevy's performance as the finale.

Sevy presented her song, "Trumpet of Glory", in two languages starting with Greek - in honor of the culture which founded the Olympics, and finishing in English - as a gesture to the hosting country, Australia, and its Olympic Committee representatives present at the ceremony in Andros.

Concert Celebration

Sevy performed "Trumpet of Glory" for a second time, opening the concert of Miki Theodorakis' ensemble. After this second performance, the Mayor of Andros, Dimitri Giannisis, presented Sevy with a special award.



Anthem,“Trumpet of Glory” and piano composition, “Tribute to the Olympic Spirit” celebrate the Olympic Flame’s strength as a symbol throughout history to inspire us to strive for peace.

    Trumpet of Glory- English Refrain
    Trumpet of Glory - Greek Verse
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