Music & Info - Borrowed Earth

A theme album of 13 songs, inspired and influenced by a Greek musical palette, using the journey of the immigrant as a metaphor for the journey each of us makes in life as we assimilate our past and forge our own identity.

Honored by the Delaware Division of the Arts, this production includes an Ellis Island commission and an award winning song in The John Lennon Songwriting Festival.

"Melodic Voice from Afar" - Video Production George Dambasis, ERT
A video/documentary, filmed in Greece, featuring Sevy performing five songs from the Borrowed Earth album. Video aired internationally on television.


Borrowed Earth
Alive Alive Alive
No Innocent Witness
Borrowed Earth, Borrowed Time
Second You Open Your Mouth
Mana Mou, Mana Mou
What Soul
Ein' ta Synora Kleista (Boundaries are Closed)
Geitonissa Mou (My Neighbor)
To Stagonometro (The Dropper)
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